Most Vegan Friendly Asian Countries and Cities According to Happy Cow

Most Vegan Friendly Asian Countries and Cities According to Happy Cow

We delved deeply into Happy Cow in order to rank the best countries and cities in Asia for vegans. We looked into both the number of vegan-only restaurants in each location, as well as restaurants serving vegan options.

It is important to keep in mind that Happy Cow generally only lists brick and mortar restaurants and not street vendors who may or may not have a permanent location. As such, and because most Asian cities have a large number of street vendors, the number of vegan options in each location is likely to be much higher.

For example, there are hundreds or thousands of street vendors all over India selling naturally vegan foods like fried bananas, wada, chat, etc. Most of them are not listed in Happy Cow.

We therefore recommend exploring the local street food in each Asian country and city you visit. You will almost certainly find an exciting array of vegan food options. Happy exploring and eating!

Here is what we found:


Vegan restaurants 419

Restaurants with vegan options 1633

Total 2052

Top 3 cities Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka


Vegan restaurants 388

Restaurants with vegan options 952

Total 1340

Top 3 cities Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket


Vegan restaurants 437

Restaurants with vegan options 333

Total 770

Top 3 cities Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Da Nang


Vegan restaurants 178

Restaurants with vegan options 533

Total 711

Top 3 regions Bali, Java, Sumatra


Vegan restaurants 293

Restaurants with vegan options 372

Total 665

Top 3 cities Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing


Vegan restaurants 133

Restaurants with vegan options 401

Total 534

Top 3 cities Seoul, Busan, Jeju


Vegan restaurants 133

Restaurants with vegan options 237

Total 370

Top 3 cities Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Petaling Jaya


Vegan restaurants 285

Restaurants with vegan options 79

Total 364

Top 3 cities Taipei, Taichung, New Taipei City


Vegan restaurants 78

Restaurants with vegan options 251

Total 329

Top 3 cities Manila, Makati, Cebu


Vegan restaurants 84

Restaurants with vegan options 265

Total 349


Vegan restaurants 89

Restaurants with vegan options 194

Total 283

Top 3 cities Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune


Vegan restaurants 8

Restaurants with vegan options 171

Total 179

Top 3 cities Phnom Penh, Sien Reap, Kampot

Sri Lanka

Vegan restaurants 15

Restaurants with vegan options 159

Total 174

Top 3 cities Colombo, Weligama, Mirissa


Vegan restaurants 10

Restaurants with vegan options 110

Total 120

Top 3 cities Luang Prabang, Vientiane, Nong Khiaw


Vegan restaurants 3

Restaurants with vegan options 76

Total 79

Top 3 cities Yangon, Nyuangshwe, Bagan


Vegan restaurants 5

Restaurants with vegan options 39

Total 44

Top 3 cities Kathmandu, Pokhara, Lalitpur


Vegan restaurants 19

Restaurants with vegan options 5

Total 24

Top 3 cities Ulaanbaatar, Olgii, Dalanzadgad


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